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Friday, July 21

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AUTHOR'S ROUNDTABLE and book signing - Zoltan Istvan "The Transhumanist Wage" Concorde Ballroom Dan Johnson - The Tax Revolution: What It Is and Why We Need It (Tax Revolution Institute) Vendome B Helen Raleigh, Nick Zhao, Li Schoolland; Tom Palmer (mod) - Red State: The New Anti-Cultural Revolution in China Bordeaux John Fund, Paul Jacob, Nick Tomboulides; Mark Harris (mod) - Term Limits: A Libertarian Success Story (US Term Limits) Burgundy John McAfee - Cybersecurity and the Future of Freedom (MGT Capital) Champagne 3 Larry Sharpe, Julie Borowski, Lee Allison, Craig Huey; Floyd Brown (mod) - How to Make a Million $$ and Mold a Million Minds on Social Media Vendome C Marc Eliot, Mark Klugmann, Yuri Maltsev, Lee Edwards (mod) - A Century of Communism: Who’s Winning the 100-Year War? (Heritage Foundation) Vendome A Rajat Shah - Paula Deen Family Kitchen Restaurant Brand Expansion: An Exciting Opportunity (Accredited Investors Only) (PDRI) Versailles 2 Senator Mike Lee, Representative Thomas Massie, David Safavian, Bob Barr; Jason Pye (mod) - Criminal Justice Reform in the 115th Congress (FreedomWorks) Champagne 2 Sterling "Sterl the Pearl" Henton, Hyperion Knight, John Kramer, Hisako Kobayashi; Naomi Brockwell (mod) - Are Free Markets the Answer for the Arts? Loire Van Simmons, Adrian Day (mod)- Low Profile Millionaire: My Five Favorite Collectibles (David Hall Rare Coins) Champagne 1 Why I Can't Enter the United States (and at this point, do I even want to?) Conrad Black with Jennifer Grossman (via Skype) Rivoli Ballroom Ziad Abdelnour - Capitalism from The Inside Out: How the 99% Can Build Wealth, Fight Crony Capitalism, and Restore America’s Promise Chablis 'Incarcerating US' Regan Hines, dir. (84 min) Anthem Theater/Versailles 3

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'Freedom on Trial' John Papola, dir. (27 min) Anthem Theater/Versailles 3 ATLAS SOCIETY DAY Matt Kibbe, Jim Caruso - Ayn Rand, Free Speech, and Beer: Matt Kibbe interviews Jim Caruso, CEO of the Flying Dog Brewery Champagne 2 AUTHOR'S ROUNDTABLE and book signing - Sam Sorbo "They're Your Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Doubter to Home School Advocate" Concorde Ballroom Eric Shuss, Ed Hudgins, Peter Voss, Zoltan Istvan, Gennady Stolyarov; Michael Shermer (mod) - Artificial Intelligence & Robots: Economy of the Future or End of Free Markets? Vendome C Garrett Baldwin, Adam Guillette, Sean Malone; Jeff Joseph (mod) - Are Libertarians Losing the Culture War --and Does It Matter? (Modern Trader) Champagne 3 Gold Price: USD 65,000/oz in 5 years? - Torgny Persson (BullionStar) Burgundy Helen Raleigh - Repair Our Welcome Mat: How to Fix the Broken US Immigration System Bordeaux Kevin Harrington, Bernt Ullmann, Michael Fugler, Greg Writer - Invest with Sharks, Hear from The Pros (Angel Investment Network) Vendome A Lou Perez - Can Political Satire Survive Political Correctness? A Comedian's Take (Moving Picture Institute) Champagne 1 M. Zachary Johnson, Madeleine Morgenstern, Katherine Mangu-Ward; Russell Fulmer (mod) - Trigger Nation: How to Overcome Manipulation by the Media and Academia (Reason) Versailles 2 Randal O'Toole, Stephen Cox, James L Payne; Jo Ann Skousen (mod) - Henry David Thoreau: The Man and His Message Rivoli Ballroom Roemer McPhee, Marc Lichtenfeld (mod) - Killing the Market: The Story of the World’s Most Successful Investor Vendome B Victor Bernson, Kent Lassman, Timothy Sandefur; Richard Morrison (mod) - Campaigning for Free Speech (Competitive Enterprise Institute) Chablis William Baldwin - BEAT THE IRS: Seven Clever Ways for Investors to End-Run the Tax Collector Loire

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'Mama Rwanda' Laura Hinson dir. (30 min) Panel: What Can America Learn from Entrepreneurs in the Developing World? - John Chisholm, Lee Allison; Claudia Murray (mod) Anthem Theater/Versailles 3 ATLAS SOCIETY DAY David Kelley, George H. Smith, Wolf Von Laer - The Future of Objectivism Champagne 2 AUTHOR'S ROUNDTABLE and book signing - Marc Lichtenfeld "Get Rich with Dividends" Concorde Ballroom Dan Mitchell, Scott Hodge - The Road to Tax Reform (Tax Foundation) Champagne 1 Dick Carpenter, Jarrett Skorup, Christina Sandefur; John Kramer (mod) - Occupational Licensing Reform: Uniting Left & Right and Freeing Entrepreneurs (Institute for Justice) Chablis Gena Lofton - Free at Last, Thank God Almighty…. How Assets Can Make You Free At Last! Champagne 3 Jeffrey Tucker, Terry Kibbe, Eric Graf; Matt Kibbe (mod) - Reaching the Liberty-Curious through Technology, Pop Culture and Storytelling (Free the People) Vendome B Jim Rogers, Keith Fitz-Gerald; Nicholas Vardy (mod) - Asia and the Rise of State Capitalism Vendome A Joseph Hooper - The Horizontal Berea Oil Play: Due Diligence, Transparency, Proven Results and a 100% Tax Deduction (Encore Energy) Bordeaux Marc Eliot, Fraser Heston (Introduction Van Simmons) - Charlton Heston: Hollywood's Last Icon Rivoli Ballroom Patty Farmer, Alexander Green, Hyperion Knight; Gary Alexander (mod) - Beauty and the Beat: 100 Years of Jazz Burgundy Rob Arnott, Mark Skousen - My Most Successful Money Making Technique, and Investments to Avoid Vendome C

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