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Saturday, July 22

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Alex Wilson - The Agricultural Alternative: The Non-Traditional Asset Driving the Best-performing Portfolios (Terrafort Fund & Precious Timber) Champagne 3 AUTHOR'S ROUNDTABLE and book signing - Lee Edwards "A Brief History of the Cold War" Concorde Ballroom Deirdre Nansen McCloskey, Tom Palmer, George Gilder, Jim Powell, Steven Kates; Steven Watts (mod) - The Lessons of History Vendome A Eric Graf, Susan Byrne, Stephen Cox (mod) - Tilting at Windmills: The Real Meaning of Don Quixote, the World's First Modern and Greatest Novel Chablis Jeff Berwick, Doug Casey, Jeffrey Tucker, Carla Gericke, Lyn Ulbricht, Tatiana Moroz; Naomi Brockwell (mod) - From Walden Pond to the Digital Frontier: Circumventing the State in a Parallel Universe Rivoli Ballroom Jennifer Grossman, Anita MonCrief, Lana Link, Anastasia Boden, Nena Whitfield - Breaking through the 'Echo Chamber': How Women Are Making the Difference in the Liberty Movement (LOLA) Vendome B Jim Rogers; Luke Durham (mod) - Street Smarts: Eight Lessons in Business and Life Vendome C John Hunt, Ralph Weber, Jud Anglin, Dr. Lee Gross - How to Find the Free Markets of Medical Care (Liberty Healthshare) Loire Kevin Harrington, Bernt Ullman, Michael Fugler, Greg Writer - Invest with the Sharks - Hear from the Pros! (Angel Investors Network) Burgundy Randy Barnett - From Bork to Gorsuch: How Donald Trump and a Handful of Professors Saved the Constitution Bordeaux REASON DAY Katherine Mangu-Ward, Justin Monticello, Berin Szoka - Liberty on Mars (and other Planets) Champagne 2 Stephen Gordon, Sean Malone, Hawk Jensen, Jo Jensen; John Kramer (mod) - Marketing, Media and Messaging: How to Make Your Voice Heard Champagne 1 Tom Borelli, Richard Rahn; Cronyism: When Being Pro-Business is Anti-Capitalism Versailles 2 'Is America In Retreat?' Kip Perry, Elan Bentov, dirs. (57 min) Anthem Theater/Versailles 3

11:30am MDT

PANEL World Anarchy vs Rule of Law: Should America Mind its Own Business? - Janek Ambros, Elan Bentov, Doug Casey, Barbara Kolm, Kip Perry; Bob Chitester, mod. Anthem Theater/Versailles 3 Andrew Campanella, Inez Feltscher Stepman, Neal McCluskey; Bob Bowdon (mod) - Federal School Choice Initiatives: Good Because of Choice? Or Bad Because of Federal? Vendome A Jeff Kalibjian, Joseph Buchman, Bob Barr, Terry Easton - Reclaiming Your Digital Privacy in the Era of Trumpocracy Bordeaux Jim Antle, Veronique de Rugy, Dan Mitchell, Deneen Borelli; Robert Lawson (mod) - Big Government: Can It Ever Be Stopped? (CRTV / Washington Examiner) Chablis Keith Jacobsen - Three Keys to the Kingdom of Investing in Collectibles and the 5 Hottest Coins of the Year (International Coin Alliance) Burgundy Marjory Grant Ross - Six Secrets to Turning Your Book into a Bestseller: What the New York Times and Amazon Don't Want You to Know (Eagle Financial Publishing) Champagne 1 Mark Stewart, Julie Borowski, Nicholas Sarwark, Judd Weiss; Larry Sharpe (mod) - What Will It Take to Win in 2018, 2020—and Beyond? Rivoli Ballroom Peter Schiff - How to Prepare for the Coming Trump Train Wreck (Euro Pacific Capital) Versailles 2 REASON DAY Ronald Bailey, Zoltan Istvan, Mike Riggs; Matt Welch (mod) - Liberating the Human Body Champagne 2 Rob Arnott, Adrian Day, Alex Green, Marc Lichtenfeld; Joel Stern (mod) - The Best of Both Worlds: High Income and Growth Stocks Vendome C Roberto Salinas, Jose Cordeiro, Gabriel Calzada, Rodolfo Milani; Mark Klugmann (mod) - Capitalist Manifesto or Communist Manifesto: Which Way, Amigo? Vendome B

12:30pm MDT

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2:10pm MDT

'And My Prison Bars Bloom: The True Story of Armando Valladares' Jeff Gasser, dir. (7 min) PANEL The Art of Revealing Truth through Film - Jeff Gasser, Tim Hedberg, Adrienne Levy, Josh Oldham; Hawk Jensen, mod... Anthem Theater/Versailles 3 'Go to Where the Light Is: Escaping North Korea' Learn Liberty, dir. (7 min) PANEL The Art of Revealing Truth through Film - Jeff Gasser, Tim Hedberg, Adrienne Levy, Josh Oldham; Hawk Jensen, mod. Anthem Theater/Versailles 3 Angela Keaton, Ralph Benko; Jon Utley (mod) - Russia, Ukraine and NATO Expansion: Where is America Headed? (The American Conservative) Versailles 2 AUTHOR'S ROUNDTABLE and book signing - Lisa Conyers "The Human Cost of Welfare" Concorde Ballroom Bob Barr - Genetic Databasing -- A Frontier Too Far? Loire Jim Rogers, Gena Lofton, John T. Reed, Joel Stern; Gary Alexander (mod) - The Lessons of Financial History: What I Would Do Differently Vendome A John Chisholm - British Common Law vs. Napoleonic Law: Which is Better for America and the World? Bordeaux Judd Weiss, Tatiana Moroz, Agnieszka Pilat, Valerie Durham, Zaq Flannery; Gary Alexander (mod) - The Artist's Voice: Inherently Libertarian? Chablis Lib X Doug Casey; Steven Watts (mod) - The Right to Express Hate Speech Champagne 1 Matthew Lederman, Alona Pulde; Alex Green, (mod) - The Whole Foods Diet: Discover Your Potential for Health, Beauty, Vitality and Longevity Vendome C Randal O'Toole - Property Rights Are Making a Comeback! Burgundy REASON DAY Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, David Brin - Is Spock Libertarian? The Politics of Science Fiction Champagne 2 Rob Arnott, Jim Woods, Don Smith, Jeff Siegel; Garrett Baldwin (mod) - Can You Beat the Market? Champagne 3 Tom Palmer - Marxism as Reactionary Politics (and Its Fascist Offshoots) (Atlas Network) Vendome B

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