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I Am, Or How Jack Became Black

Eli Steele, dir. (84 min) Thursday 1:00 pm

The births of Jack and June, the third multiracial generation in filmmaker Eli Steele’s family, coincided with a startling projection: by 2050, at least 20% of all Americans will self-identify as two or more races. What will this mean to a nation tormented by race? Born black and Jewish, Steele has long battled the forces of Identity Politics in both education and employment. He believed that holding onto his individuality, rather than his skin color, was part of America’s promise to him. However, Steele's belief in this promise was shaken when his son was denied entrance to a public school for refusing to name his "primary race." Why did race still matter so much? To answer this question, Steele journeyed out into America, producing a film, I AM, OR HOW JACK BECAME BLACK, that Adam Carolla called “eye-opening,” National Review declared “fascinating,” and HollywoodInToto said “demolished Identity Politics.”

Panel: “Resisting Identity Politics” Deneen Borelli, Dinesh D’Souza, Shelby Steele; Eli Steele, mod.