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I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit

Pip Gilmour, dir. (8 min)  Wednesday 2:45 pm; Friday 12:30 lunch break

I, WHISKEY is the story of how the human spirit thrives when it has the freedom to connect and create. There’s more to whiskey than what’s in the glass. I, WHISKEY highlights what we can accomplish when we’re free to innovate. It’s a story about human ingenuity and the market – and how these forces have shaped whiskey and society for ages. I, Whiskey celebrates the countless individuals involved in bringing this spirit from grain to glass. From the distant farmer and distiller to our closest companions around the table and at the bar, commerce is human connections. It brings us together and gives us products that we love and enjoy. The opportunity to create and innovate, enjoy and profit, brings people together. 

Panel: "The Marvel of Free Markets" Lawson Bader, Kent Lassman, Larry Reed, Jeffrey Tucker; Drew Tidwell, mod.