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Is America In Retreat?

Kip Perry, Elan Bentov, dirs. (57 min) Saturday 10:30 am

For years, we’ve lived in a time of relative peace enforced by the military might of the United States. The U.S. acts as a global policeman, a deterrent to keep others in line. But many Americans have tired of this role, wanting to “mind their own business” instead. And as America withdraws, China claims more of the South China Sea, Russia invades its neighbors and menaces Europe, and Iran expands its nuclear capabilities. These are big questions to consider, and IS AMERICA IN RETREAT? takes them on. Is there a downside to America’s retreat? What happens in a world with no deterrent, no global policeman to keep others in check? Can the world afford for America to mind its own business? Can America?

Panel: "World Anarchy vs Rule of Law: Should America Mind its Own Business?" Janek Ambros, Elan Bentov, Doug Casey, Barbara Kolm, Kip Perry; Doug Bandow, mod.