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Mark Stewart

The Resistance/Ivy Bound
Mark Stewart is a "Conserv-atarian." He emphasizes a liberty ideology that focuses on decisively scaling back government in order to promote freedom. He is a staunch critic of socialism, opposes income taxes, and is an advocate of strictly balanced budget policies. He is an entrepreneur, businessman and educator. Politically he is a "culture warrior" in helping preserve the American creed. Tolerance, individualism, capitalism, and e pluribus unum exemplify this creed, and all nationalities can take part. He would replace government welfare with private welfare, public schools with private schools, and government health care with free market care. He would repeal 50% of laws and 100% of regulations that were never legislatively approved.  Mr. Stewart considers political correctness cowardice, deplores transformation of true feminism, and finds the indulgence our "esteemed" educators give to snowflake sensitivities lachrymose. Mr. Stewart is an expected candidate for the 2018 Connecticut Gubernatorial Election.