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Avens O'Brien

Ladies of Liberty Alliance
Chapter Leader
Avens O’Brien is a 2nd-generation libertarian activist, the product of peaceful parenting, non-traditional education, and a family who campaigned for political office as Libertarians. She was vice chair of the LPNH from 2006-2008, and has volunteered on several liberty campaigns. She worked for Euro Pacific Capital from 2013-2014 and is currently a consultant doing finance and operations for start-up companies in Los Angeles. She considers herself a “Facebook agitator” who also writes for The Libertarian Republic on topics from free market economics to abortion rights. She’s a frequent guest of podcasts, conferences, and on panels discussing both online and off-line liberty activism, feminism, marketing, millennials, Burning Man culture, and other hot topics. Avens is a chapter leader for Ladies of Liberty Alliance in Los Angeles.