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Bob Chitester

Free to Choose Network
President and CEO

Bob Chitester has more than fifty years of experience in television management and program development. He is president and CEO of Free To Choose Network, Inc., Chitester Creative Associates, Inc. and managing partner of Free To Choose Enterprise. These companies produce television programs for public television, educational videos, web sites, CD-ROM and print materials and curriculum materials for high schools and colleges. In 1977 Mr. Chitester convinced economist Milton Friedman to undertake a project which became Free to Choose, an award-winning PBS TV series and an international best-selling book based on the series. The series and book are still in wide use and have been profoundly influential. Chitester also created the Stossel in the Classroom educational effort, a nationwide network of over 300,000 teachers who use the Stossel videos in their classrooms. Chitester also started The Idea Channel, a library of over 200 video recordings of intellectual discussions between the world's leading scholars. The collection currently includes 16 Nobel Prize recipients, including Friedrich von Hayek, James Buchanan, Christian de Duve, Norman Borlaug and Charles Townes, plus other notables. The Idea Channel library is now owned by Free To Choose Network, Inc.