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Dan Bongino

Commentator, Author, Editor, Former Secret Service

Dan Bongino’s public service career began with the NYPD in 1995. After joining the US Secret Service in 1999, he received a Department of Justice award for hisinvestigations with the financial fraud task-force. Dan joined the elite Presidential Protective Division during the administration of President George W. Bush. One of the Service's most distinguished agents, Dan coordinated President Obama’s visits to Prague and Jakarta during myriad terror threats, and was the lead agent responsible for President Obama’s visit to an active war zone in Afghanistan. Author of the New York Times bestsellers Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away From It All, and The Fight: A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine, Dan provides expertise on international security and political strategy for outlets such as Fox News, CNN, and others. He is a contributing editor at Conservative Review, a guest host on The Mark Levin Show, and host of the top-rated podcast "The Renegade Republican."