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Gabriel Calzada

Universidad Francisco Marroquín Guatemala

Gabriel is president of UFM, the pioneering free-market university founded in 1971 in Guatemala. He is current president of the Association of Private Enterprise Education and board member of Rising Tide Foundation and the Mont Pelerin Society. In his native Spain, he was founding president of Juan de Mariana Institute, one of the most influential think tanks in Europe, and two-time recipient of Atlas Network’s Templeton Freedom Award. His 2009 study on the negative impact of the Spanish government’s promotion of “green jobs” reverberated around the world. In Spain, subsidies in place since 1996 were reversed. In the U.S., Obama was hailing Spain as the model to emulate. The study—featured on Fox News, Glenn Beck, and John Stossel—along with Gabriel’s testimony before the U.S. Congress helped bury that initiative. Gabriel also specializes in value investing, the Austrian business cycle, and defense economics. He spends his weekends adventuring along the backroads of Guatemala with his wife Karen, three daughters, and two border collies.