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James L. Payne

Lytton Publishing Company

Political scientist James L. Payne is the founder of Lytton Publishing Company, a platform for ideas of freedom. He has written about Congress and spending, taxation, welfare, the history of force, and voluntarism. After teaching at Yale, Wesleyan, Johns Hopkins, and Texas A & M, Payne left academia to become an independent scholar. He has been a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, and Independent Institute, and contributing editor for The Freeman. His books include Six Political Illusions, an introductory text on politics, and the Princess Navina series, fables on alternative governments. Payne has also written about his solo kayak journeys in the U.S. and abroad. His latest is Chasing Thoreau; An Adventure in Paddling and Philosophy, which explores the libertarian ideas of Henry David Thoreau.