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Jeff Kanter

My Academy of Health Excellence
Jeff Kanter, a Syracuse University graduate, has spent the last 25 years assisting individuals and businesses navigate the world of health freedom and insurance. A serial entrepreneur, he saw an opportunity to put libertarian ideals into action with the inception of the Affordable Care Act and co-founded My Academy of Health Excellence because the direction ACA was going to take the country was very troubling. At its core the Academy’s mission is to allow doctors and patients to connect directly and to take back control of the health world from third party interference. This matched perfectly with his philosophical bent and continued forays into activist circles advocating for personal freedoms in all areas. No stranger to politics, he was the campaign manager for the Libertarian Presidential campaign of Irwin Schiff in 1996. Now he’s ready to help save the health world from itself and its seeming headlong rush into Single Payer.