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Julie Borowski

Political Commentator
Julie Borowski is a political commentator living in the D.C. area. She is best known for her YouTube channel where she discusses current events in an entertaining way. Her videos have over 8 million views. She won CPAC’s Blogbash Video of the Year in 2014 for her video debunking ObamaCare. She was also rewarded "Tea Party Blogger of the Year" at CPAC 2013. Previously, she was a Policy Analyst at FreedomWorks. Her writings have appeared in a number of outlets including Washington Examiner, Daily Caller, Rare, Red State, and Townhall. She has spoken at conferences and events around the country, including FreedomFest, the International Students for Liberty Conference, Smart Girl Politics Summit, Liberty Political Action Conference (LPAC), Liberty Forum, Young Americans for Liberty conferences, Leadership Institute trainings, VidCon, and more. She has appeared on the Stossel show and the Independents on Fox Business News. Ron Paul has interviewed her about political activism for Voices of Liberty.