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Lyn Ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht Legal Defense Effort
Founder and CEO

Lyn Ulbricht is a political activist and advocate for constitutional protections, individual freedom and privacy. She is also the mother of Ross Ulbricht, who was sentenced to double life without parole for non-violent charges associated with his role in the Silk Road website. Lyn is dedicated to fighting for her son and the thousands who have been victimized by a flawed criminal justice system and the drug war. She works to direct awareness to the important precedents set by Ross’ high-profile case and issues that will impact freedom and privacy in the digital age. Lyn has spoken at numerous events in several countries and has appeared on many TV, radio and podcast shows.  She is featured in Deep Web, which won Best Documentary Feature and Audience Choice Award at last year’s Anthem Film Festival. When not working to raise awareness, Lyn focuses on raising funds for Ross’s defense through www.freeross.org.