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Michael Fugler

Investment Banker, Entrepreneur

Michael Fugler is a creative, critcial thinker, with passion, determination and the ability to provide solutions to critical problems, empowering entrepreneurs and business owners around the world to create massive success. He is a global expert on entrepreneurship and a guest expert on ABC, NBC and Fox. As an investment banker, fund manager, rainmaker, institutional advisor, coach, speaker, author, mentor and attorney, he teaches and advises on how to go from an idea on a napkin to a stock exchange listing and all the steps in between. Michael developed the Business Mastery System to help entrepreneurs develop a master plan, find financial capital around the world, shape client acquisitions and relationships, and develop and deliver a dynamic presentation that will move clients to action. Michael has been an Investment Banker for 19 years and a licensed attorney for 42 years, with an expertise in international law and finance and investment and merchant banking. He has facilitated the raising of over a billion dollars for entrepreneurial companies and has brought many successful companies public, including Taser and Reed’s.