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Peter Voss

AGI Innovations
Founder and CEO

Peter Voss loves business and technology. After several years in electronics engineering, he developed and commercialized a 4GL database and ERP systems – taking his company from a garage to a 400-person IPO. On selling his interest in the company, Peter studied a broad range of disciplines -- epistemology, psychology, cognitive and computer science – which formed the basis of his novel AI theory. In 2001 he co-coined the term ‘AGI’ and started an R&D company with the purpose of building super smart AI systems to help solve aging and other pressing problems. In 2009 he founded Smart Action Company , the first commercialization of an AGI engine. In 2013 he launched AGI Innovations Inc. to further develop this technology. Peter often writes and presents on various philosophical topics including rational ethics, freewill and artificial minds; he is deeply involved with futurism and radical life-extension. He is founder and CEO of AGI Innovations Inc. and Founder, Smart Action Company, LLC.