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Ralph Weber

Founding Partner

Ralph F. Weber is a Canadian-born philanthropic entrepreneur and writer who left Canada in 2005 after several family members were harmed or crippled by long waits for medical care. Now residing in Houston, Texas, Weber participated in a health care forum with presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani during his presidential campaignin 2008 and contributed to his health care policy reforms. Weber's goal is to create a free-market health care  system to help patients improve quality and save money. In 2009, seeing a need for greater transparency and competition in healthcare, Ralph and a group of investors started MediBid.com, an online Medical Marketplace where people can go online and request bids on a medical procedure. The patient can review the doctors’ education, experience, training and outcomes as well as the quality and cost before choosing a physician. MediBid currently has more than 277,000 paid subscribers, mostly employer health plans, who are saving up to 60% of medical care costs compared to traditional health plans.