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Roberto Salinas-Leon

Mexico Business Forum
Roberto Salinas-León is president of the Mexico Business Forum in Mexico City. He
presides Alamos Alliance, one the most prestigious annual economic symposia held in Latin
America. He has published 2,000 editorials on public policy topics, and has been an occasional columnist in The Wall Street Journal, The Journal of Commerce, Cato Journal, and others. He was an economic commentator in the news show “Hechos,” TV Azteca, during 1994-2004 and is an occasional guest commentator for CNN, CNN Latinamerica, CNCB, BBC among others. He is an Adjunct Scholar of The Cato Institute and a Senior Debate Fellow of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation. He has delivered over 900 lectures throughout fourcontinents and has spoken frequently at FreedomFest conferences, including his open confrontation with then-candidate Donald J. Trump in a live showing at the 2015 FreedomFest. Roberto Salinas-León has an undergraduate degree in political economy from Hillsdale College and a Ph.D. in philosophy & political Theory from Purdue University.