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Steven Kates

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Steven Kates is Associate Professor of Economics at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne. He is an economist who, from the perspective of others, seems to specialise in the history of economics, but from his own perspective has been doing the work of an economist trying to explain the operation of a market economy based on the logic found within John Stuart Mill’s 1848 Principles of Political Economy, suitably modified with a handful of discoveries made since that time. His first book was a devastating critique of Keynesian theory: Say’s Law and the Keynesian Revolution. In 2016 he edited a collection on What’s Wrong with Keynesian Economic Theory? He has written his own textbook based on classical principles,  Free Market Economics: an Introduction for the General Reader, now in its third edition. There is no more relentless critic of Keynesian economics and modern macro in the world today.