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Tom Kieffer

IBN Financial Services, Inc

IBN Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA & SIPC
1031 Exchange Replacement Properties
Billion Dollar SEC Registered Non Traded REITs

Tom Kieffer specializes in alternative investments to the stock market. These investments include billion dollar SEC registered non traded REITs, which offer competitive yields along with the chance for capital appreciation. Because these funds do not trade on the stock exchange, they are not subject to the daily volatility of the stock market. These fixed monthly income funds invest in a variety of different sectors, including health care, data storage - a play on "the cloud," multi family, and self storage. These products are sold as as a complement to an investor's stock portfolio, not as a replacement. The typical exit strategy for these investments is either a sale to a large pension plan or insurance company or a listing on the stock exchange. 

Mr. Kieffer also works with companies that offer replacement properties for accredited investors who are performing a 1031 exchange and can not find a suitable replacement property of their own.  Visit him and IBN Financial Services at Booth #111.