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Twila Brase

Citizens' Council for Health Freedom
President and Co-Founder

Twila Brase is president and co-founder of the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCH Freedom), a patient-centered national organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota.  In June 2016, CCHF launched THE WEDGE OF HEALTH FREEDOM, which identifies the free-trade zone for health care to bring patients and doctors together in affordable third-party-free relationships. In August 2009, Modern Healthcare named her #75 on their list of “100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare.” The Council initiated an “Obamacare Games” billboard campaign that went viral in March 2014 and its efforts have helped 34 states refuse Obamacare exchanges; stopped government-issued treatment directives; added consent requirements for access to patient data; drew national awareness to nationwide genetic privacy violations regarding newborn DNA; led to lawsuits in Indiana, Minnesota and Texas against illegal state storage, use, and dissemination of Baby DNA for genetic research without parent consent; and led to a federal parent consent law for research using newborn DNA. Ms. Brase’s “Health Freedom Minute” is heard on nearly 804 radio stations in 47 states. She provides testimony at state legislatures, meets with members of Congress, and speaks around the country.